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General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Looking for opinion
« on: June 21, 2018, 02:48:13 AM »
Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with Web Hosting Canada - https://whc.ca ?

I am looking to move part of my operation to one or possibly two new hosts and the company must physically be located and run their servers and support in Canada.

All replies welcomed, thanks


Seeking some recommendations for migrating a VMWARE VM (old kayako helpdesk VM from ent VMWARE) from dedicated to some cloud provider.
Winding down the business & moving away from cab and need to simply & cheaply host some VM's for communication with customers and access to old tickets.
Don't recall how it done to export a VM or what file format is generated and if any provider can support it, but any tips and recommendations appreciated.
My other concern is I do recall that kayako lic was based on DNS naming and not IP, so lets hope it will work when moved to another IP even thought the sub.domain.com will be kept the same.

Thanks ahead of time for any tips and advise.

I have been using UpCloud for some of my WordPress customers but their IPv4 limits are killing me ( 5 per VM).

Looking for a provider that has similar setup and pricing but greater IPv4 allotments. (10-15 per VM would be enough). I use their largest VM.

Provider must have HA built in not interested in setting up multiple VM and balancers etc. Looking for the foolowing:

- Has HA with auto failover. Not interested in setting up multiple VM and load balancers to do this.
- SSD only storage
- Snapshots
- Storage can be moved between servers
- 10-15 IPv4 per VM (8gb+ VMs will be used)
- Ability to load own recover disk
- SWIP IP (not a must but would prefer)
- datacenters in USA, Europe. Asia and canada would be big bonuses as well.
- Create templates from a servers storage / disk.

Currently the setup 8GB + 6 CPU Cores and 200GB of backup (snapshot space) costs $100 USD/mo. Looking for similar pricing.

Any reccomendation / thoughts appreciated!


I was searching to figure out how to enable for my clients pop & smtp service since i have installed and configured my whm server on google cloud, then later i found that google is not accepting to enable this service, now i don't know what is the solution, clients need to use outlook.

any suggestions or advice.


I am looking for a Windows Server to host a small App, but the site up time, redundancy, fail-over and Managed support is very important.

Please suggest

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Rocksoft Cloud reveiw
« on: June 21, 2018, 01:56:34 AM »

Have anyone subscribe their cloud? How about their support, good, excellent or poor? Please review here.


General Cloud Hosting Discussion / I need advise with hetzner cloud
« on: June 21, 2018, 01:55:37 AM »
Hello. I have a managged VPS with Liquidweb for my websites, and i am very happy with your service, however it is very expensive for me, and need to reduce my invoice. For this reason I am thinking to purchase a unmanagged VPS. Firstly, I have seen OVH as main option, but Hetzner is a little more affordable for me. Speciffic, the CX21 server is what I need. But I am newbie in this issues, and I have many doubst.


- Cx21 Hetxner Cloud is as a traditional vps?
- There is bandwidth surcharges due to ddos atacck?
- I have two ips for my own nameservers, but hetzner only give me one. Anything problem with this? What is floating ips, with aditional cost?
- CX21 is valid for 10 websites with 1000 visitors each one per day, for example?
- I am used to WHM/CPANEL. I will purchase this license, but it is offered by hetzner at price of 25,13€, but it do not say if is for VPS or dedicated system. For a one vps it is very expensive. Can I to use a license from "buycpanel.com", for example? it is more cheaper.
- For backup, the snapshots are cheaper (€ 0.01/GB per month), It is a good option?

Any other thing I should consider, or can you advise me?

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Feeling lost..
« on: June 21, 2018, 01:50:40 AM »
We are running an ecommerce site based on cs-cart with 100 concurrent users at any given time and are expecting to grow to around 300 customers very soon. Need to scale up our server as cs-cart is slightly more CPU intensive. Currently with Futurehosting VPS but would like to move away from them (too much downtime with some ignorant server support, slow servers).

Need a fully managed secured server with fast response ticket support with a datacenter in India as best case or Singapore in worst case, no other location. Resources like 8 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, minimum 2 cpu cores etc.

Looking at Digitalocean, linode and Vultr but they all lack managed options.

So feeling lost among the above options on the below given aspect :

1. Can we outsource the server management to any professional provider? If yes, which one would be the best?
2. Which among the 3 would be the best hosting option considering the traffic we expect in coming months?
3. Is there any other managed solution which you can suggest which might be better than the 3 options in terms of support and cost?


General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Hosting for .NET Core
« on: June 21, 2018, 01:49:22 AM »
Im completely new to cloud hosting.....

I need to learn more about Angular, microservices (.NET Core) and Docker.
I have some plans to build something simple and have it hosted somewhere.
I will use Angular as frontend and maybe 5 .Net core APIs, including IdentityServer4.

Performance will not be important, but pricing is....
Im having a hard time finding a tutorial the will help me move on.
So, finding a way forward is even more important than the pricing.

Do you have any suggestions?


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