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General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Good KVM web hosting services?
« on: April 01, 2021, 05:46:10 AM »
I've hosted various websites with Hostnamaste.com for about one year, during which time I have dealt with many other hosts used by my clients.
I thought of moving to other hosts but this service is really good and I'm gonna stay with them for quite some time.

As an overall value, Libertyvps.net is really hard to beat, even when stacked up against big-name hosts. When you use the online chat, someone answers pretty much instantaneously. You can't ask for more than that! And they are willing to help you out in any way they can.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Server to sign up with ...
« on: April 01, 2021, 05:44:54 AM »
I have to say that kvchosting.net has one of the best customer services I have ever dealt with.
Within minutes of submitting a support ticket, someone's on my issue already and things usually get resolved within half an hour.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Best server provider ...
« on: April 01, 2021, 05:44:12 AM »
To become more web host–oriented read independent web hosting reviews that are known to be of high quality and the most up-to-date. They contain information regarding affordable web hosting firms.

Pretty good server hosting deals offered by these hosts:
 - cloudarion.com
 - digitalserver.com.mx
 - inmotionhosting.com
Using the right type of web site hosting service is so serious to your success.

You should pick the top website hosting provider and join in their money-making businesses online.
Good communication and customer service are key to a great web-host, and Hostforweb.com has these qualities in spades.

I recommend Centohost.com VPS hosting for those who are looking for value-for-money webhosting services.
I'd like to say that I have great network uptime and the connection speed is fast at least by my standards.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: SSD VPS to sign up with ...
« on: March 31, 2021, 07:12:26 AM »
Using the right type of web site hosting service is so serious to your success.
QHoster.com is a nice web host. It provides a wide range of professional facilities, all in generous quantities, and at a fantastic price.

In my time with kvchosting.net I have had perfect uptime, always been informed well in advance of upgrades and technical issues and when the need has occurred a few times for help then the customer services was second to none. So far, you will experience great network uptime, and the servers will be fast.

IMHO, you will be pleased dealing with kvchosting.net web host.
Support is fast, efficient, friendly and understandable even for technical twits like I am!

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: VPS to sign up with in Europe
« on: March 03, 2021, 01:57:30 AM »
There are some options available on the net that can provide you with the tools and information you need when formulating your hosting decisions.

Give hostnamaste.com web hosting a try. You won't go wrong with them.
They go out of their way to help in anything - one of their staff even incorporated my blog design for me into my site!

Can't go wrong with Hostforweb.com web hosting service.
They are prompt, courteous and have continuously gone the extra mile to make sure everything is running smoothly. Definitely recommended.

I've been with QHoster.com managed cPanel VPS hosting for 2 years now and couldn't be happier! I love the fact that I feel like a valued client whenever I have a question that I need to ask - it feels like I'm in contact with human beings who treat me as a human being, rather than getting soulless cranky responses.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / KVM VPS hosting in India?
« on: March 02, 2021, 01:27:34 AM »
Hey guys

I'm looking for a VPS hosting service for a friend in India.
Requirements: 2 tbs of space (at least), GOOD uptime, easy to use control panel, great support (prompt and knowledgeable; if the turnaround time for urgent tickets is more than 2 hours, I'm not interested).

Any info on Hostnamaste.com KVM VPS hosting in India? Can I trust them?


100 gbs (ssd) - HD,
3TB - data transfer,
Linux, managed, 2 GB - RAM
For video streaming web site!
Any experience with NetShop ISP UK web hosting services?
Where can I read customer hosting reviews about the quality of the services they provide?

Any alternative hosts for comparison please?

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Netherlands VPS Hosting services?
« on: March 02, 2021, 01:23:45 AM »
I need to choose the best host.
Require over 100 gbs of SSD Storage, 2 GB of RAM, Linux.
What can you say about Libertyvps.net Netherlands VPS Hosting services?
Any info on their reliability, uptime, speed? What hosting provider would you rather choose? why?

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