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Thanks for the pointing this out could you let me know How is its support system?


Hi All,

Which hosting service should I buy for an e-commerce site Kindly suggest me


Cloud Hosting Experience / Re: Which benefits of cloud hosting?
« on: December 08, 2017, 06:15:07 AM »
The term "Cloud" is used by every hosting provider. But really, what is Cloud Hosting? Generally, to be a "True Cloud" the following attributes must be found in the hosting architecture of the Cloud provider. If any of these aspects are missing, you will not benefit from all of the Cloud hosting advantages.

Rapid Elasticity - Our Create-A-Cloud tool allows you to adjust resources immediately to meet demand
Resource Pooling - Load Balancing features allow you to maximize resource usage and achieve High Availability
Tools & Automation - Customer Portal and Control Panels allow you to manage all aspects of your service
Self Healing - True Cloud platform automatically recovers from hardware failures
Resource Visibility - Tools and full access control allows you to see your resource usage
On-Demand Self Service - Your orders and any adjustments to your service are 100% automated, with no need to wait for eApps staff

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