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Author Topic: Anyone have any guidance as to what my be causing my issues?  (Read 470 times)


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I'm trying to setup and register mycloudnas and kept getting error:-11 "The server is busy now. Try again later", at the first step. I finally got it to go to the second step in the process , by sheer perseverance and nothing more, and now I receive an error message "The cloud server cannot be connected. Please check your internet connection and try again." It flip flops between the two errors once in awhile as I've tried a couple dozen times to submit it.

The box that I type my name to register is highlighted in red presumably indicating and issue of some sort and the error shows up when hovering over the box.

During my initial setup, the mycloudNAS wizard would not recognize my router as uPnP capable, but I have uPnP enabled in my router configuration. I manually opened the necessary ports and ,not being too well versed on networking, I wouldn't doubt I'm at fault for the issue.

Anyone have any guidance as to what my be causing my issues?
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Datacenter Management Example

Thank you.