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research on putting some OSX based things in the cloud



I'm doing some research on putting some OSX based things in the cloud. I've found some options already, but wanted to see if there are any I'm overlooking. Also, experiences with said services would be nice as well. I could swear I heard of someone pretty large (thought it was AWS but I can't seem to find anything that supports that) getting into this recently.

Anyway, even just names of options to check out would be great.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Learning Management System Video

Thank you.

Is this opportunity still available, I am ECFMG certified and am interested in being part of the research.
Thank you very much.


I am looking for a US based cloud provider to host a mysql database extensive application in php that can provide me best possible speed with in US. Please suggest some.


Thank you for this answer.

You can build a cloud a scalable cloud with 1 Hypervisor node.

What Hypervisor did you want to offer?


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