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Looking for UK hosting recommendations



I host about 30 sites for my clients, but I'm looking to grow this to 50 over the next year.

With my current host, I have what they call a VDS Lite, which is basically a shared VPS with a proprietary control panel.

I'm not sure of the exact spec but it's basically running FreeBSD, Apache 2.2.31, PHP 5.6.12 and MySQL 5.5.44

Their whole offering is getting a bit long in the tooth and I've been chasing upgrades for a while. They have now decided to withdraw from the market and so I need to find a new host PDQ.

Most of my sites are Wordpress, but I have a few that are plain HTML and I want the flexibility to run things other than WP. All my domains are registered with a separate registrar and just pointed at the VPS.

For some of my clients, I only provide e-mail. Some access via IMAP and for one I provide an SMTP feed to their onsite mail server. I would like to keep this facility.

I also need to provide https, via something like Lets Encrypt. I can't do this at the moment. So I use the Cloudflare Plugin for WP Sites as a workaround.

I currently pay £40 plus VAT (£48) a month and I, obviously, don't want to spend huge amounts more than this. I'd also like a UK based host.

I've been looking at's Reseller Cloud Hosting Pro account and wonder if anyone has any experience of them and how this account would fit with my needs? I'm also open to any other suggestions anyone might have.

Thanks in advance.

I have a VPS server hosted by GoDaddy, but am fed up with their so-called "world class" support. I am looking for another VPS hosting company. My requirements are similar to my existing GoDaddy VPS:

US-Based VPS2-GB RAM60-GB DiskCentOS 6 or 7WHM/cPanelRoot accessPartially-managed they patch the OSDedicated IP address


cloud hosting would data safety is pretty much similar to that you get when using VPS or dedicated server. You should always have updated and up to date backups for disaster recovery. The security level would also depend on the service provider you have and their recovery points options.


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