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What to look for in a vBulletin host?


What to look for in a vBulletin host?
I'm in the process of helping my organization find a new host for our vBulletin community. The community is running the latest version of VB4 (4.2.5, I believe) and is having to transition away from our current host that we're very happy with because the host is transitioning to Wordpress only.

The community is paid subscription based and has about 1,000 members, although there are never that many active at once. At most, I would say the forum has 200 or 300 users online at once. (Guests can access the forum, but cannot read thread content.) No mods or plugins are installed on the forum, but we are using modrewrite friendly URLs.

Server load has never been an issue with our current host, which seems to have a pretty good grasp on how to host vBulletin efficiently. Does anyone here have any tips on host who can help us with the forum migration and also recommend a solid plan that will allow us to keep the forum running smoothly? I'm also looking for a host that can help us make a smooth transition to SSL.

I believe the current plan we're on, where we also host a Wordpress site, has 6 CPU cores available and 12 GB of ram. The Wordpress site, however, is doing about 80% of the traffic on the current plan.

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