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Windows web hosting suggestions?

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I need Windows web hosting with 100 gbs of disk space. Pay via Bitcoin or Paypal
+ 24/7 helpful technical customer support required.
What can you tell me about and - their reliability? Are they trustworthy?
Your choice? which is better? Why?

Can anyone tell me Different types of hosting and their pros and cons. Which one to use under certain circumstances?

I like bitcoin NL web hosting deals (linux/windows).
Now everything works like a clock and I am happy running my site at their Linux servers. Recommend this host to others.

I've only been with for about two months but so far, the experience has left me satisfied with my decision.
I've moved two of my domains wtih their service already. They have an incredibly helpful support system, answering your ticket within 24 hours.

Comparing with both and, I prefer Sixth Star Technologies, because i have experience with that, they are providing the 24x7 technical support with the affordable price...


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