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cPanel web host in Hong Kong?

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Hey guys,
I need your help to choose the right cPanel web host. Anyone to help me?
- 20 GB HD
- Linux
- Hong Kong
What are your views on web hosting deals?
Any info on their server stability and speed? What host is better? Why?

Although I've only been with for a short period of time, I'm very impressed.
Sign up was easy, support is great, speed is fantastic, and their prices are outstanding.

If there was a way to tip for the service I've gotten from customer service reps, I'd be paying for sure.
Their cPanel hosting plan is more than I can wish - free domain, great price, and lots of space and traffic. And that is just a tiny piece of the value I am getting.

Check out deals from and
Everything seems in place and working well. I think they just need to keep doing what they are doing.

100% satisfied with services.
It's truly amazing how inexpensive yet fast and reliable these guys are.
The features they offer are nearly endless, and their customer support is simply outstanding. The price is sweet!


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