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Author Topic: For reliable, efficient, cost effect Exchange migration  (Read 580 times)


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For reliable, efficient, cost effect Exchange migration
« on: April 18, 2020, 04:59:44 AM »
EdbMails Exchange Migration software is the best option for reliable, efficient, cost effect Exchange migration. It doesn’t require much technical background to manage the software as it provides an easy to use GUI and clear step by step guide to carry out the migration process.

•   Direct Migration from Exchange to Exchange, Exchange to Office 365: You can easily perform direct migration from Exchange to Exchange and Exchange to Office 365 server, also to Hosted Exchange server.
•   Secure and safe migration:  EdbMails ensures that there is no change to data at the source server. All the credentials you enter during its operation are securely encrypted.
•   Public folder Migration support: It supports public folder migration. You can perform public folder items from one Exchange to another Exchange or to Office 365 server
•   Supports all the languages: EdbMails Exchange Migration software supports for all languages, non-English Unicode characters, and special characters also.
•   Migrate selective items: Edbmails software gives the provision to migrate only specific items using various ‘Include / Exclude’ filter with After Date / Before Date, From /To Address, Subject, Attachment name, CC Address, and BCC Address.
•   Zero downtime: Users can access their mailboxes any time even when the migration process is running. It will ensure zero downtime during the migration process.

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Re: For reliable, efficient, cost effect Exchange migration
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2020, 07:24:37 AM »
I mainly use MigrationWiz as it is cost affective and does a great job.  Another high end one is Skykick that will do everything from DNS config to Oultlook setup.

I have used the built in MICROSOFT tools as well which get the job done for free.  I like having more control and being able to do multiple passes easily with the paid ones though.

The migration is a part of it but the real time killer is the device setup especially if you need to install a new version of Office, setup Skype For Business, config Outlook, And deploy One Drive for Business.