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Author Topic: Saas, IaaS, Paas and Faas: Arm Yourself with Right Cloud Computing Service Model  (Read 1674 times)


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It is quite evident with the current popularity of the cloud ecosystem that the future is also based on cloud environments. What it infers is that you adjust your business to fit in the cloud model. It is also possible that the business can be deserted if this new innovation is underutilized.

When you pursue cloud service models such as Saas, IaaS, Paas, and FaaS you can use their more extensive potential outcomes to bring the adaptability and effectiveness that drives your business profitability and growth.

Throughout the years’ cloud administrations have seen exponential development around the world. Gartner’s conjecture of worldwide open cloud administration income evaluated that only 2018 will produce 305.8b dollars with 411.4b dollars development predicted in 2020.

Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/cloud-computing-service-models/


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I know, that it is necessary to make)))
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Let me show you the difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in an easy way and in simple words:

SaaS: Software as a Service

It simply means running applications at public clouds. The user uses these apps via the Internet. These apps are maintained by the Service Provider. Some e.g., of Service Providers, are SalesForce, Microsoft(Office 365), Oracle, Google(Google Apps), etc.

Salesforce was the first company to transform the world of Saas, and from that point, other companies have seen potential in this market and launched their apps.

Iaas: Infrastructure as a Service

It provides an environment for developers to build applications that users can use. IaaS includes:-

Users create virtual machines (VMs) on demand.
From a library of VM images.
Amazon (AWS) is a leading vendor in providing IaaS.

PaaS: Platform as a Service

This is somewhat similar to IaaS but the difference is:

Developers provide an application which the platform runs.
They don’t directly create VMs.
You would be thinking that PaaS is simple and that is why mostly used. But this is not true. IaaS is 10 times popular than PaaS. Developers want to have more control over the resources.

FaaS stands for function as a services, In this type of cloud computing, you can use the function provider by the FaaS provider to develop the application.

The major difference between these cloud computing are PaaS allow you to use the entire platform, on the other hand in FaaS we use the single function.

Feel free to comment and ask questions if you have any.