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Comparing VPS deals from and, which one is better to stick to as I intend to host an e-shop?

I’ve been with since basically mid 2013. So far everything has been great – all the way from support to uptime etc. Their prices are very reasonable as well and you cannot go wrong with that especially if you’re looking for a really good reliable dedicated server which is what I signed up for with them.

If you are lookinf for fast SSD VPS with great uptime, free install/reinstall etc. , you need to choose

Brijesh J:

There are thousands of Hosting companies which claims to offer the best VPS Hosting service to its clients and best part is totally depend upon the user who is using. I will answer this question, becuase recently, I have purchased a VPS Web Hosting for my client website. So, I have done a lot of research on VPS hosting provider what should be configuration of server, it should be managed or unmanaged. Do normal user can purchase unmanaged vps hosting.

By all this questions arising in my mind and by doing a lot of research by reading thousands of blogs which they were providing top 10 or top 20 Best VPS Hosting list. It was also a very confusing part to select from the list of 20. The one Company, I seen common on very blog was

When, I landed on, website the first feeling came to mind that they deal only in VPS, Dedicated Server and Fully Managed Hosting service. Then, I started doing research on by all parameters that was described by many bloggers.

Below are the Factors that I considered before purchasing VPS Hosting

As I wanted Linux based VPS Hosting, When I Visited Host's VPS Hosting page, there was clearly mentioned that they provide Linux and Windows based VPS hosting service.

I have a Technical knowledge on web server, But my client doesn’t have time to managed all the server requirements and he was not so technical sound. Then I found out that All the Server on Host's is Fully managed

Last but not the least, Cost, By researching many hosting companies, I Feel that was little costlier than other vps hosting provider but the features of are awesome, so i decided to go with
(If you think, is costlier then the Alternatives are eukhost, whuk and bodhost)


This part is always userful before purchasing Hosting service. provides discounts and deals on every occasion and you can save upto 20% on your 1 Year hosting bills.

I can say you there are into the serious business providing Fully Managed VPS Hosting service to its clients and they take care very well. I would recommend you to go with HOST.CO.IN

Learn More Here:

In all features are useful for customers like publishing of web deployment. It is configured well and works good without any problems.
+ Save Big on Hosting - 50% off 1st month on all Servers/VPS plans.


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