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 Need experienced host offering attractive European linux dedicated hosting deals.
HD - 400GBs, RAM - 4GBs, Bandwidth - 4TBs
Having done a search I found and - How stable are their servers?
What can you say about their service?

You will not regret a thing if you choose cheap EU servers.

They have fast servers, low prices, and their support replies within 10 - 30 minutes to the questions I ask!!
I can proudly say I am hosted by them!
Keep up the great work!

If you are in search of quality server provider I can name solutions. They are time-tested host with affordable deals, featured plans and helpful 24/7 support. Stability is also high!

Look at servers from and
These hosts have stable servers which are supported well and their prices are low.
Plans are full of useful resources. Uptime is high.

VorsiK: provides quality servers in Europe on sweet terms.
Prices are low, servers are well-balanced and network is fully-redundant.
Support is second to none. 


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