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Author Topic: What to look in an offshore hosting provider  (Read 55 times)


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What to look in an offshore hosting provider
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:08:35 PM »
Offshore hosting is a growing market now days with the increment in Internet regulations in popular countries. We see on the news and popular youtube channels how privacy awareness is increasing among people all around the world. This is one of the main drivers for migrating an online operation to an offshore jurisdiction. I have seen website hosted in the USA that are brought down due to fake or baseless DMCA complaint reaching the hosting providers. Having a website offshore could provide a more suitable environment for handling this type of complaints without affecting the uptime of your service. When choosing an offshore hosting provider you must put attention on the jurisdiction where the servers are hosted, their acceptable use policy, how client satisfaction is handle (tech support available 24x7, live chat 24x7, phone support). I have seen many offshore providers not offering a phone number. As a client, you should never trust a hosting service provider that has no physical address or phone number. AT CCIHosting.com we offer high privacy offshore hosting solutions since 2002. We invite you to give us a call or to chat with our team and we will be more than glad to assist you with your needs.