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What is Cloud Storage Encryption ?

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sweta panda:
Hi, I'm carrying a research on existing cloud encryption models. And contributions I can proffer in areas of problems. Can someone give me a head start?

Cloud encryption is a service offered by cloud storage providers whereby data, or text, is transformed using encryption algorithms and is then placed on a storage cloud.
Cloud hosting is the new trend in web hosting and cloud technology in general is getting more and more popular in the industry. Cloud technology is changing the way content is shared and distributed on the Internet and understanding what cloud technology is will give you a head start in to the future of web hosting and cloud services.

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cloud storage is an internet area where you may shop your information. the documents that make it into your cloud storage are manually decided on by way of you. there are two forms of cloud storage: either files are saved at once inside the cloud and accessed thru the host website online (google force is a superb example), or the service is integrated together with your device and syncs your information, allowing you to edit documents in the cloud from your tool (similar to dropbox). both alternatives offer sharing talents to the user, which useful resource in collaboration, however can make encryption unavailable in a few cases.


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