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Which benefits of cloud hosting?

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Cloud Benefits | Benefits of Cloud Model

Besides all the risks involved with the cloud computing model, its advantages and benefits cannot be hidden. Cloud computing model, as known for its unique characteristics like flexibility, reliability and secured IT environment has benefited most of the IT organizations to a great extent.

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Reeta Yadav:
Cloud has many advantages to offer whether you are a professional, individual or business. Here are some of the advantages that cloud hosting offers -
Disaster recovery
Automatic software updates
Increased collaboration
Work from anywhere, anytime.

There are extensive benefits of cloud hosting, with improved security being the first and foremost advantage as these clouds are unlike the ordinary internet and so not vulnerable to hacking to some extent.

You have a freedom to modify all the server software to your needs. Stability and security are other benefits because a software problem is isolated from and to your environment. Others' cloud servers can't harm you and you can't harm others. Also, if other users overload their cloud servers this will have no impact on yours because resources are dedicated and your stability is guaranteed. Cloud servers are economically more efficient than the standard dedicated servers. For a similar price, with cloud servers you will receive more resources and your server will be faster. I should also mention that cloud servers scale very well. It is very easy and fast to add upgrades(CPU, Memory, disk space) to a cloud server just as it is more affordable, of course.

Just trying to get a handle on the best cloud hosting providers - which provider are you using and how do you rate the service?

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