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General Cloud Hosting Discussion / I need a quality shared account
« on: November 14, 2023, 10:04:19 AM »
I need a quality shared account and two hosts are in my mind: rockhoster.com and owned-networks.net, so which way would you go and why? 

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / libertyvps.net vs inet.ws
« on: November 14, 2023, 09:48:31 AM »
Which VPS is better to sign up with - libertyvps.net or inet.ws?

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / legionbox.com vs coinshosting.com
« on: November 14, 2023, 09:17:22 AM »
Which server is better to sign up with - legionbox.com or coinshosting.com?
Any ideas?

Have a look at servers from reliable hosting providers: hostingsource.com and planethoster.com.
Their servers are solid in price, and never had a server fail or go offline. Best: they don't upsell and they don't have support always trying to get into your account and database....and what they charge per month is as stated = not unexpected fees = no unexpected charges. These hosting companies are very underrated = I strongly recommend, trust.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Best VPS provider ...
« on: November 13, 2023, 12:26:12 PM »
Which VPS is better to sign up with - rockhoster.com or owned-networks.net?

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: VPS to sign up with ...
« on: November 13, 2023, 11:13:44 AM »
Accounts from hostingsource.com (the VPS promo is $5 for the first month for all VPS plans) and hostsailor.com are worth trying.
I highly recommend these companies to anyone in search of a reliable and customer-oriented hosting provider.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Need to know your opinion ...
« on: October 16, 2023, 12:12:57 PM »
Accounts from rockhoster.com and hostsailor.com are full of useful resources with high uptime and quality support.
- Great customer service
- Outstanding up-time
- Economical pricing
- Highly recommended.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Windows Server/VPS Needed
« on: October 16, 2023, 11:25:34 AM »
VPS plans from qhoster.com and owned-networks.net are worth trying.
Zero downtime and excellent customer service!

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Looking for Windows host
« on: October 16, 2023, 10:48:10 AM »
Have a look at VPS accounts from hostingsource.com and inet.ws as they are full of useful resources with high uptime and quality support.
Cheap price, excellent uptime and wonder customer service that relates on a very person level.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / ownwebservers.com vs hostround.com
« on: October 13, 2023, 01:03:43 PM »
Comparing servers from ownwebservers.com and hostround.com, which way is better to follow and why?

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: High Performance Vps Wanted
« on: October 13, 2023, 12:32:47 PM »
Check out VPS accounts from reliable hosting providers: libertyvps.net and rockhoster.com.
Fastest servers I’ve ever used with unmatched customer service. The amount of value you get for what you’re paying is astronomical.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Looking for Dedicated server
« on: October 13, 2023, 11:57:15 AM »
Dedicated servers from hostingsource.com and owned-networks.net are well-balanced and cheap.
 I can confidently say that it's worth investing every single penny.
Their  stellar reputation is well deserved. My issue with receiving email was resolved in only a few minutes. Very satisfied new customer.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Managed Cpanel VPS?
« on: September 18, 2023, 12:35:27 PM »
Use VPS accounts from libertyvps.net and inet.ws as they are proven to be the best in the IT world.
Great hosting. Excellent prices. I have never had any trouble with the hosting. Anything I need to update, I am told in advance. The customer service is great.  Help is there at your service 24/7. Fast, efficient and there for you.

Decent VPS accounts from qhoster.com and kvchosting.net are worth every cent you pay for their services.
These hosts are by far one of the most reliable and dependable hosting providers. They offer great and flexible service plans and their platform up-time is second to none I would say more that 99.999%. They have a variety of packages to choose from and the support is world class and highly professional.

General Cloud Hosting Discussion / Re: Best VPS provider in Europe
« on: September 15, 2023, 01:00:18 AM »
My #1 is https://qhoster.com/
They have tons of locations in Europe

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