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Cloud Hosting Offers / How To Find Cheap Web Hosting?
« on: September 08, 2020, 12:03:39 AM »
Can anyone help me to find out the cheap web hosting for US and India ?

Linux VPS Hosting Services in India and US
Strad Solutions provides cheap linux vps with control panel and SSH. Here are some of the salient features of our Linux VPS.

Postgre SQL

All versions of CentOS 5,6,7 etc.
All versions of Ubuntu 12.04,10.04 etc.
Other flavors of Linux OS like Debian
Turnkey Linux.org templates available
for quick deployment of
open source software.

Scripting Maintenance
Perl Python

Our VPS supports CPanel,
Webmin, Kloxo, CWP and many more.

To know more , click on our website : https://www.stradsolutions.com/linux-vps.html

Can anyone help me with providing the best managed hosting service provider name in US and India.
How is stradsolutions.com managed hosting service ?

Order Cheap Dedicated Servers, Linux VPS and Windows VPS

Strad Solutions has 2,100 Happy Customers using our hosting services.
Do you want to try our services?

To know more details, Kindly visit our site -   https://www.stradsolutions.com/index.html

Kindly share the provider details ?

Strad solutions offers four types of Rackspace hosting plans for different needs of customers.

US $61.71 and ₹ 4500/- in India per month

US $164.55 and ₹ 12000/- in India per month

To know more details about the Rackspace hosting plans, Kindly visit our site - https://www.stradsolutions.com/colocation.html

Rackspace VPS Hosting

A lot of companies can offer you the rented services for your server. But you need specialized skills to manage your server according to your needs. We offer you the cost effective and customized optimization of your server as per your requirements. Strad solutions has the most reliable rack space for server colocation hosting in India.

The control panel is powered with easy to use features which makes it the most powerful control panel in the world.
Shifting to a new hosting service can be stressful and time taking. Strad solutions will pull of the burden from you and manage everything with our servers.
You can make payments through Paypal, CC Avenue and Checkout.
Out Technical support team is always available to answer your queries. All your issues are resolved within 24 hours.

To know more Check our website : https://www.stradsolutions.com/colocation.html

Cloud Hosting Offers / Safe Linux VPS Hosting with affordable pricing
« on: August 27, 2020, 07:03:42 AM »
Developers need various packages to be installed on their server which are specific to their needs which is unavailable on shared servers. Some of the exclusive platforms that Strad Solutiton opts for Linux VPS hosting include, Magento, My SQL, CPanel, Cloud Linux, Open VZ, CentOS and also SSL.The package mentioned are used to create Databases(MySQL), Ecommerce Websites (Magento), WebHost Manager (Cpanel/WHM) etc.

Strad Linux VPS gives advantage of :

Industry Benchmark for Performance and Price
Dedicated RAM and HDD
Server Benchmark Performance among top 2% of Providers in the World
CPanel, CWP control panels with Support
Wordpress Joomla,Drupal etc optimized hosting
SSD with RAID 10 for faster performance

We offer you Linux VPS hosting services in India and US at affordable prices with high performance and minimum latency. Here are enlisted some of the features that Linux VPS hosting provides:

To know more about it, plz click on our website - https://www.stradsolutions.com/linux-vps.html

Strad solution offers four unManaged Dedicated Server plans for different needs of customers.

BASIC (Any Windows / Linux) - from ₹5400/- month TO ULTIMATE (Any Windows / Linux) - from ₹14400/- month
To know more check out website - https://www.stradsolutions.com/unmanaged-hosting.html

Strad solution offers four unManaged Dedicated Server plans for different needs of customers.

BASIC (Any Windows / Linux) - from ₹5400/- month TO ULTIMATE (Any Windows / Linux) - from ₹14400/- month
To know more check out website - https://www.stradsolutions.com/unmanaged-hosting.html

Strad solution offers four unManaged Dedicated Server plans for different needs of customers.

BASIC (Any Windows / Linux) - from ₹5400/- month TO ULTIMATE (Any Windows / Linux) - from ₹14400/- month
To know more check out website - https://www.stradsolutions.com/unmanaged-hosting.html

Some of the salient features of our Windows VPS
We provide MSSQL Express Edition for Free. SQL Web/Standard/Enterprise editions can be purchased as per the prices. You can request for a quote from our Sales team.
Windows Server 2012/16/19 Standard Edition
Datacenter Editions on Request
quote for additional pricing
PowerShell Scripts
DNS management: You can request
for your own DNS,RDNS server settings and
our webmaster will offer you at the earliest.

To know more , kindly check our website - https://www.stradsolutions.com/windows-vps.html

Strad Solutions offers you the instant activation of your windows operating system. You get the remote desktop access and a hosting panel of your choice. Get your VPS optimized as per your requirements with our windows support services.

Our Windows support services allow you to get your VPS optimized as per your requirements. With the combination of 24/7 support and best prices in the market you need not go any further with your lookout for a host!.

Strad Windows VPS gives advantage of :

  • Cheapest Windows VPS in TIER 1 and TIER 2 hosting Providers
    Remote Desktop (RDP ) Access for Windows Server 2008/2012
    All Microsoft related products provided on Monthly fee basis
    Backup and Snapshot facility provided
    Full Server Level and Parial OS Level Support provided
    All servers are Microsoft Windows compliant for Business Continuity
Know more about our service : https://www.stradsolutions.com/windows-vps.html

In the course of operation the decision to update on to the dedicated servers depend upon certain parameters related to utility and programs on the system.

The relevance of Frontpage comes into picture when we are going for a fresh network of the files that we have transferred from the previous server to the new dedicated server. So it is crucial to ensure that you have already developed a proper Homepage at the host so that it can properly scan the data and accomplish the transfer.

The users on Dreamweaver must define their site before hand, Later they may use the command PUT to transfer all their HTML pages and files to the target server. By this process their site remains undamaged when the transfer is complete.

In case of the FTP users it’s quite safe as it has a light option that is highly user friendly that can take the back up of all your files on to your system.

Remember if you skip the backup process then it would be the most horrific nightmare when you see your data nowhere in future. Later using the FTP login you can enter the new site and do the set up. Next you can restore the data on to the new server from your system.”WS FTP” is the command that can be used to safely transfer files in bulk or you can also do it one by one but again it’s highly time consuming.

Size of data

When we start our company we are often suggested to go for a shared hosting as our business is new in the market having very less amount of data. But eventually when any organization grows the customer base also grows as a result the data starts to overload and the need of dedicated server is felt.

The dedicated server extends high level security to the information and the owner of the dedicated server has full control over it.

So it is advised that when the data is big and classified it’s important to update on to a dedicated server so that we can run a safe and smooth business.

Contact us to know more https://www.stradsolutions.com/contact-us

To know more go through our website - https://www.stradsolutions.com/windows-vps.html

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